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When you are blessed to do the work you love, it never feels like work! And for me, working with women is pure joy. I’m all about listening to my clients and providing them with the services they want – and here they are:

1.Life & Confidence Coaching – This provides an opportunity to delve into the different areas of your life that are causing you discomfort or holding you back from exploring opportunities, unravelling limiting beliefs and supporting you to find solutions to fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be; confidently. We incorporate setting goals in a realistic & motivating way. Click Life and Confidence Coaching for more information.

2. Health & Fitness Training – Are you ready to transform your health? If you are sick and tired of feeling low in energy, too tired to get through each day, we need to speak! Together we create a health plan specifically for you. We look at nutrition that can positively impact your health, taking your wellbeing to the next level as well as the physical activity you need to remain mobile and feeling great. Being Fit & Healthy is my number one principle because your health is your wealth… Click Health and Fitness Coaching for more information.

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3. Walk – Talk – Coach – This is where life coaching meets health & fitness for a holistic mind and body experience in the great outdoors. We begin at whatever pace of walking suits you and we literally ‘walk, talk & coach’ to search out the root cause of your current life frustrations, especially the ones that might be impacting your health and come up with some actions for you to take. And of course, being outdoors means you get to dump your unwanted head stuff in wide open space, clearing your mind and lifting your mood. Click Walk-Talk-Coach for more information.

4. Business Support – Struggling to get yourself organised? Not sure what your priorities are in your business or what you should be delegating? The business support service provides action plans, advice, tips and recommended service providers to set you free from the tasks you dislike so that you can focus on what you truly desire. No one wants to get bogged down with everything and no one should!

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This is where I roll up my sleeves and work with companies who care enough about their staff to invest in their personal growth. My previous and current business clients have called upon my diverse skills for:

Instructional Course Design – Soft skills and personal development courses designed for staff, including design for CPD accreditation.

Training Delivery – Freelance/Associate roles, delivering soft skills and personal development courses in-house.

Speaker/Presenter – With 5 years’ experience of delivering personal development and business talks, YvonneB has been invited to speak for local networking groups through to global corporations. Since 2012 talks and presentations have been delivered in Bristol, London, Birmingham, and internationally in Germany, Jordan and Palestine.

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