Meet YvonneB

Meet our Chief Confidence Officer: Energizer and Health & Fitness Advocate, YvonneB

YvonneB was born and raised in London, UK, with a love for her Jamaican heritage and her British nationality. She now resides 8 miles outside of the beautiful city of Bath in Somerset.

She’s a single mum with a treasured adult son, a tight-knit family and what she refers to as a small prized inner circle of ridiculously awesome friends.

She wears many hats in the world of business; bestselling author, speaker, award-winning educator, a qualified NLP, confidence & life coach, personal trainer, fitness instructor and weight loss consultant.

Her charitable work includes being an e-mentor for Women’s Worldwide Web, supporting their teams on the ground with her coaching & training skills, empowering women across the globe.

A true lover of life, YvonneB lives by 7 key principles; being fit & healthy, being fearless, creating freedom, enjoying family/friends & network, paying it forward, having fun and having fun. These are her way of life, not nice to say statements.

When she’s not working, she loves to travel, meet new people, write (she loves writing), and keep fit. She has a passion for working with women, helping them unlock their potential so that they can create the lifestyle they dream of and deserve. YvonneB is high energy and laughs a lot; life is too short not to… 3D Book Cover_Suck It Up YB

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“Life is for living so live it! It’s a gift, an opportunity to experience the connection with self, others and the planet. It is a beautiful chance to develop and grow. Don’t settle for living a small life when you have been gifted with so much… ”