The ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ approach to living confidently…

Why healthy body, healthy mind? The two are inextricably linked; what you do to the mind affects the body and the same in reverse. If you are looking to truly step up and live life out loud, then start by taking care of you, your life, and the well-being of those you love; this approach is fundamental to achieving your life goals. It’s called self-care and it’s a MUST do, not a nice to do, here.

Self-care from the inside out builds confidence, it gives you permission to love all of who you are. And confidence gives you the strength to do the things you fear the most.

YvonneB Vision

To build a smokin’ hot community of health-conscious women over 40, confidently creating the life they desire whilst positively impacting the lives of others; creating a ripple effect…

YvonneB Mission

Provide passionate and fun services with uncompromising service to each and every one of the amazing women in this community.

Encourage each woman to stand in her strength as a role model, putting her health first and confidently creating the lifestyle she desires.

To learn, educate, share, give and inspire…

Welcome to YvonneB – step inside!



Meet YvonneB

Meet our Chief Confidence Officer: Energizer and Health & Fitness Advocate, YvonneB

YvonneB was born and raised in London, UK, with a love for her Jamaican heritage and her British nationality. She now resides 8 miles outside of the beautiful city of Bath in Somerset.

She’s a single mum with a treasured adult son, a tight-knit family and what she refers to as a small prized inner circle of ridiculously awesome friends.

She wears many hats in the world of business; bestselling author, speaker, award-winning educator, a qualified NLP, confidence & life coach, personal trainer, fitness instructor and weight loss consultant.

Her charitable work includes being an e-mentor for Women’s Worldwide Web, supporting their teams on the ground with her coaching & training skills, empowering women across the globe.

A true lover of life, YvonneB lives by 7 key principles; being fit & healthy, being fearless, creating freedom, enjoying family/friends & network, paying it forward, having fun and having fun. These are her way of life, not nice to say statements.

When she’s not working, she loves to travel, meet new people, write (she loves writing), and keep fit. She has a passion for working with women, helping them unlock their potential so that they can create the lifestyle they dream of and deserve. YvonneB is high energy and laughs a lot; life is too short not to… 3D Book Cover_Suck It Up YB

Grab Your Copy Of The Book ‘Suck It Up Or Change… If You Want A Better Life YOU Create It on Amazon.

“Life is for living so live it! It’s a gift, an opportunity to experience the connection with self, others and the planet. It is a beautiful chance to develop and grow. Don’t settle for living a small life when you have been gifted with so much… ”


The 7F Principles

The 7F Principles To Living Your Best Life

They are 7 simple principles to implement in your life so that you can begin removing 7F Principles Journalthe shackles of the victim mentality and free yourself to be the victor in your life; the best version of you.

These 7F principles ensure your needs are being met at all levels of development and they work from the inside out because everything begins at the core of YOU and everything is connected.


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Service With A Smile

Woman 2 Woman

When you are blessed to do the work you love, it never feels like work! And for me, working with women is pure joy. I’m all about listening to my clients and providing them with the services they want – and here they are:

1.Life & Confidence Coaching – This provides an opportunity to delve into the different areas of your life that are causing you discomfort or holding you back from exploring opportunities, unravelling limiting beliefs and supporting you to find solutions to fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be; confidently. We incorporate setting goals in a realistic & motivating way. Click Life and Confidence Coaching for more information.

2. Health & Fitness Training – Are you ready to transform your health? If you are sick and tired of feeling low in energy, too tired to get through each day, we need to speak! Together we create a health plan specifically for you. We look at nutrition that can positively impact your health, taking your wellbeing to the next level as well as the physical activity you need to remain mobile and feeling great. Being Fit & Healthy is my number one principle because your health is your wealth… Click Health and Fitness Coaching for more information.

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3. Walk – Talk – Coach – This is where life coaching meets health & fitness for a holistic mind and body experience in the great outdoors. We begin at whatever pace of walking suits you and we literally ‘walk, talk & coach’ to search out the root cause of your current life frustrations, especially the ones that might be impacting your health and come up with some actions for you to take. And of course, being outdoors means you get to dump your unwanted head stuff in wide open space, clearing your mind and lifting your mood. Click Walk-Talk-Coach for more information.

4. Business Support – Struggling to get yourself organised? Not sure what your priorities are in your business or what you should be delegating? The business support service provides action plans, advice, tips and recommended service providers to set you free from the tasks you dislike so that you can focus on what you truly desire. No one wants to get bogged down with everything and no one should!

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Woman to Business

This is where I roll up my sleeves and work with companies who care enough about their staff to invest in their personal growth. My previous and current business clients have called upon my diverse skills for:

Instructional Course Design – Soft skills and personal development courses designed for staff, including design for CPD accreditation.

Training Delivery – Freelance/Associate roles, delivering soft skills and personal development courses in-house.

Speaker/Presenter – With 5 years’ experience of delivering personal development and business talks, YvonneB has been invited to speak for local networking groups through to global corporations. Since 2012 talks and presentations have been delivered in Bristol, London, Birmingham, and internationally in Germany, Jordan and Palestine.

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WRC Online Academy

Online Learning

Love learning but struggle to get to workshops? Maybe you’re in a rural location or you have little time to travel due to work needs. You might have a major home carer role, or you might just be run off your feet. No matter, don’t give up, let the learning come to you!

Get online… The Women Rocking Confidence Academy is all about creating FREE mini courses (we know your time is valuable) as well as short paid for programmes that you can access anytime, any place, anywhere.

We’re really keen on making this academy right for you and welcome your suggestions on the type of courses you would like to access in the personal development and well-being space. And if you have any other areas of interest let us know those too! We have some amazing business partners who can create courses in social media, marketing, IT and much more.

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Being Your Best You Blog

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Being Your Best You, Living Your Best Life…

Sometimes you just need to down tools, kick back and treat yourself to some reading time. Time to replenish your thinking, time to refill your cup and time to question what is going on in your life.

Being Your Best You, Living Your Best Life, is home to over 300 articles on personal development, health & fitness and general wellbeing. Many come with tips and action points to help you implement changes to create your best life; the very mission YvonneB is here to assist you in doing.

So go on, indulge yourself…

Here To Serve!




Yvonne Bignall, (AKA YvonneB) is an award-winning Personal Development Educator, YB-MotivationHealth & Fitness Advocate, multiple business owner and a best-selling author. She is the founder of YvonneB Limited, an outlet for the work she has created based on her 7F Principles: being fit & healthy, being fearless, creating freedom, paying it forward, enjoying your network, having fun and having faith. These principles are aimed at the one goal that YvonneB sees as integral to all other goals: Confidence. With confidence, so much is possible.

YvonneB has over 22 years experience in the health & fitness industry and over a decade’s experience working in the personal development arena. She works with women who are striving to unlock their potential from the inside out; applying a healthy mind, healthy body approach. She is passionate about women realising their potential and seeing them become major role models in life and business.

As Featured: The Voice / BBC Somerset Radio / Yes Group Bristol / Somerset Live / South West Insider / Entirely South West / The MSN & Radstock Journal /  The Business Growth Show / Somerset Guardian

Awards: Reed Learning Trainer of the Year 2011 / What’s On For Me Hobby to Business Support Winner 2014, Whole Life Activation Health & Wellness Advocate Winner 2017


Martin Roberts with YvonneBYvonneB_finalistBath Event_Gail Porter


There is nothing quite so heartwarming as the love from my clients and business associates. Thank you…

“We all need guidance at some point in time, and I can’t recommend Yvonne enough. She has a strong business acumen with an extraordinary human touch, which is difficult to find in the professional world. Yvonne can really make a positive impact in your life, in both life coaching and business coaching/development. A great combination which helps any individual to succeed at a personal and professional level. She always has a positive approach, passion and commitment in everything she does. I feel fortunate to have met such an inspirational woman.” Anna Perra – Anna Perra Designs                                                                                               

 “Yvonne is an extremely positive and inspiring individual. I myself felt I had lost my way a little after a very draining life experience. I knew what I needed to do to get myself back on track and keep moving. Yvonne is a great listener and knew how to clarify my very disjointed story of myself of how I thought I had become lost.
I found her to be very honest and straight to the point which always works for me.
I would recommend Yvonne as a life coach to anyone; she is amazing.”
Scarlett L Christensen – PA

“I have known Yvonne for 20 years, first meeting her in the Health and fitness Industry when we were both fitness figure competitors. She is such a motivated intelligent knowledgeable coach who encourages her clients to reach their full potential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, Yvonne is the full package; someone who cares and carries you through your journey to a better calmer healthy lifestyle and helps you reach and maintain your goals. If you are ready to change to a better healthy lifestyle Yvonne is the lady to get you on track!” Sheryl Smith – Gymnastics Teacher/Coach                  

“In Yvonne Bignall you will find the ultimate epitome of the motto “Innovation, not Improvement is the Key to Growth” I say this because Yvonne is one of the most energetic, positive, multi-talented individuals that I know. She is both successful entrepreneur, and mega fitness guru, inspirational life and business coach and international best-selling author. She lives life embracing it to the full and will transform your world if you let her in. She has certainly transformed mine in more ways than I could have ever imagined!” Eleri Cosslett LLM – Co-Founder Love Entrepreneurs


Get In Touch

Whether you would like to book your FREE 30 minute ‘Getting to know you’ chat/business services consultation, or you have any questions, thoughts or ideas you would like to share, please get in touch. I make time to read all messages personally and will always respond (providing it’s not spam mail). I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!